New ViRa RT-4 radiant tangent tonearm

ViRa model 3RT is an effort to put high quality affordable radial-tangent tonearm on the market. The ViRa tonearms are made of solid milled aluminum. They are super compact, have zero feedback, and are non-magnetic. Each tonearm has 10 bearings to assure the smooth vertical and horizontal movement. The multiple bearings also significantly decrease the jitter caused by the vibrations of a single bearing.

The calculated geometrical configuration, proper wands length and testing assures the tangent position of a stylus to a groove is constant. The correct and constant position of a stylus gets less distortion from the inner groove. The stylus maintain longer life, the vinyl has less wear, less static interference and very low surface noise. Because of this- the soundstage becomes wider and deeper; the images are more clear and defined; tracking improves even on skipping records; warped records have less up and down image speeding. This brings the ViRa tonearms to a new level of sound reproduction.

RT-4 specifications for 9" ,10.5", 12" wands

Overall length: 245-290-315 mm
Effective length: 235-280-305 mm
Pivot to stylus length: 232-275-300 mm
Maximum back clearance: 120 mm
Record clamp height clearance: 10 mm 
Effective tonearm mass with aluminum shell: 11.0- 11.2-11.6 g
Balancing weights mass: 90-120 g
Signal cables (33AWG): Descadel
Ground cables(44AWG): Kerrigan 
Tonearm output connection: RCA
Height range: 14-40 mm
Mounting distance: xxmm
Cartridge weight: 3.5-30 g

ViRa new model 4RT is in production from January 2018