Newclassd Riaa

This might be of interest to some of you... “A couple more images of our new tube RIAA. Here you can see the power supply equipped with special Silicon Carbide diodes with zero recovery. 0 nS.”

“Also there is a filament regulator for 6.3V DC heating voltage, a relay timer, so you don't get a pop noise when turning on and off. The relay timer is built in hardware, and when the relay opens up, all switching stops, so it has no noise. The board is equipped with ultra low noise current generators, to feed the anodes of the amplifying triodes. This is the recommended setup, however you also have the option to use regular high quality power resistor in "the top", as many other RIAA's use. This shunts the signal to +250V . However there is also a third option for those who like to experiment and that is current generator plus shunt to GND instead of +250V. This effectively takes the rail caps out of the signal path, which can only be a good thing, but still relieves the plate resistance with a good stable film or tantalum resistance.”

“As you may notice by now this is not just another run off the mill RIAA stage, it is designed to break new ground in sound quality. There are a few more specialties about this RIAA, which i will go through at time of availability in mid February.