Supreme Analog in action

Supreme-Analog Tangenta 12'' reference tonearm with Dr. Feickert turntable, Murasakino Musique analogue Sumile MC cartridge, Mark Levinson preamplifier 52, Jeff Rowland 312 x 4 amp, Phasemation EA-1000 & Ypsilon VPS100 phono stage Helius Silver ruby, Tri-planar cabon silver line 9.8", Miyajima-lab Madake, Phasemation PP-2000,Techdas Titanium cartridges TAD D600, Nakamichi 1000ZXL Limited, and B&W Nautilus speakers. The music... Puccini, CaballĂ©, Carreras, Wixell, Chorus and Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden 'Colin Davis' - Tosca.