Townshend Audio Enigma Preamplifier

That’s quite an interesting preamplifier... “Introducing a remarkably versatile, ultra-high performance pre-amplifier, combined with an extremely high-quality solid-state, class A headphone amplifier, all with a separate power supply. Featuring a hand-built 72 (0.85dB) step volume control, the Enigma is a definitive electro-mechanical device of unparalleled performance, incorporating a unique auto-transformer design, fully utilizing Townshend’s proprietary F1 Fractal™ wire technology. It Is absolutely transparent, with vanishingly low distortion and zero noise.”

The Enigma has six stereo phono inputs at the rear and a 3.5mm jack on the front panel (in parallel with input 6). Additionally, two pairs of balanced XLRs are paralleled to inputs 1 and 2. It has two stereo phono outputs, one pair of balanced XLR outputs and 6.35mm headphone socket. 

For optimum component performance, the casework is soundproofed with double-layer constrained layer damping, with feet incorporating soft vibration absorbers modules. Available in natural or black anodized aluminium. 

The remote control is a standard Apple remote. All push-buttons are illuminated and a light above the volume control flashes to indicate a remote-control operation. 

Townshend Autotransformer preamps have received many positive comments from many satisfied users and have received stunning reviews in the world’s most prestigious magazines. They are used by two of the world's most eminent speaker manufacturers as the master controller when voicing and setting the tonal balance of their new speaker range(s) – chosen because they are the lowest distortion, lowest noise, most natural and uncoloured sounding preamps they can find.