Triode Meeting 2019!

Bern Kusmith and our friends, that are organising the Thailand Triode fest are in full motion to prepare the event. Here are first few initial photos from the setting up. You can see the A5 Network tailored made designed by Master Jean Hiraga (made by MellowGroovy Nattawut) that is going to be compared with the original one Master Jean Hiraga will held a lecture. There is also JBL Paragon + AQUABLUE from Benny Glass, a wide variety of the original vinyl 1st pressings ready to spin etc. 

Thailand Triode Meeting will be held in Thailand at the Original Barn House located in the middle of the ancient city Chiangmai named Lanna Rice Barn.

Thailand Triode Meeting has been influenced by the 1st Japan Triode Meeting, being held in Fukuoka Japan in 2017. 

The suffix of Triode Meeting, geographically is representing that the meeting is taking place in Asia. Additionally, by principle, activities in the Triode Meeting must reflect story and culture of the local people towards audio lifestyle, stuffs and activities. For Thailand Triode Meeting 2019, Thai team would like to bring all participants back to Thai’s audiophile history. 

Stay tuned for more...