ubiqaudiolabs ubiquitous speakers!

Quite a few questions came in regarding the new and upcoming ubiqaudiolabs ubiquitous speakers. These are not exactly your ordinary monitors, but heavyweight, ultra performing stand-mounts. Let us look at what makes them so different and special. 

Ubiquitous is a three-way loudspeaker that implements Mundorf AMT tweeter (invented by Oscar Heil), the latest Scan Speak Ellipticor midrange. It's intriguing why this is the first commercial speaker that uses this particular Ellipticor driver with elliptical voice coil, as it was introduced back in 2017. The bass drivers are backfiring, double Scan Speak Classic series woofers.

Ubiqaudiolabs ubiquitous uses a sealed enclosure, widely implemented in the past century (AR loudspeakers) and at presently by Magico. Ubiquitous have a first-order electrical crossover (6db), without a capacitor in the signal path and only five elements are used (new Mundorf Cu foil, paper, and oil inductors and Ubiqaudiolab custom made resistors). 

An elegant, form follows the function design is made from the wood, aluminum, and natural stone. It's inspired and somehow reflect the iconic and legendary Sonus faber Extrema speakers.