Vira High End Rainbow cartridge

The Rainbow is the latest cartridge from Vira High End. "We use wariety of body materials such as Panzerholz Durawood, Juma, Malachite composite and others. All Rainbow cartridges have boron cantilever with Micro Ridge or Superfine polished Shibata Type III stylus. Keeping the basic measurements at the same level we put more rigid product on the market and using new materials we put specially tweaked sound pattern for your ears."


- Body: vary
- Cantilever: Namiki / Adamant boron composite/Namiki Sapphire
- Stylus: Namiki super fine Shibata or MicroRidge
- Output: 0.28mV
- Magnet system: AlNiCo5
- Tracking force: 1.4-1.6g.
- Compliance lateral: 12 um/mN
- Cartridge weight:  8.1-10.1g.
- Recommended loading: 100 – 1,000 ohms
- Channel separation: >30dB/1kHz
- Channel balance: >1dB/1kHz
- Coils: copper 0.03mm
- Mount: thread  M2.5x0.45, 1/2 inch / 12.7mm standard between the holes 
- Coil impedance DC: 4 ohms 
- Inductance:  3.20uH
- Capacitance: 50nF 
- Trackability at 300Hz/1.6g: 90-80uM
- Vertical tracking angle: 20°  
- Recommended tonearm mass: medium
- Break-in period: 50 hours