Vivid Audio Kaya speakers

“Here is the KAYA design from Vivid Audio. The K numbers indicate the volume of the cabinet. K25 = 25 litres etc. The K25 is the first entry level from us that uses a exponential horn absorber for the bass frequency, evolved from the GIYA and before that the Nautilus. The larger K45 uses a folded horn, or re-entrant, to get the bass absorber into the same cabinet rather than it coiling on the outside like the Giya has. The Mid range unit also vents into a re-entrant folded horn absorber as well, to minimise depth. The tweeter horn doesn't need to be that long anyway so it fits nicely into the cabinet.”

“The K90 is the same speaker as the K45, but has double the number of bass drivers - 4 instead of two, all force reaction cancelling with the exception of the K25 which is strictly a 2 way 2 driver design.” - Jake Purches