VoicePoint 160 Ferrari-Leather speakers

"VOICE-POINT belongs to one of the very few manufacturers of loud speakers in recent times who manufacture the Loud Speakers along with all its components all by themselves. This includes the case made from aluminum in bell-fouding technique, as well as the integrated electronics and the broad band chassis, everything comes from the same manufacture. Only in this way, VOICE-POINT can meet its own high quality standards it has set itself and guarantee 'pure auditory pleasure' to the music-lover."

VoicePoint 160 A is a 16 cm, high end-1.5 way-active speaker.

A single-point radiator, which functions as the ideal acoustic source in combination with a double output stage which is developed with special regard to the optimization of the chassis properties. 

A second, identical membrane at the backside of the case works only in the range of the lowest frequencies. Through a simultaneous in-phase radiation an excellent symmetrical pressure build-up is provided, so that no diffraction effects and no pressure turbulences can develop in the propagation of the lower frequency sound portions. Because of this the stimulation of the modal scape in the room and the higher frequency portions profit considerably.

The rearward radiating chassis has the same quality as the frontal membrane. This is of special significance, as the chassis works with the same agility and attack in the slower bass processes as the frontal speaker whose performance reaches up into the high frequency range.

Up to now there has never been a faster bass membrane.


Integrated into the body, the amplifier with 2x190 Watt for the front and back speakers with automatic switchon, phase- and group delay correction allows the complex VoicePoint 160 A to become autonomous, even without elaborate external electronics.

In Detail - the amplifier of VP 160 A was developed especially for this loudspeaker. It is so strongly adapted to the needs of the VOICE-POINT membrane that it is impossible to use it for other purposes. It corrects the phase position and the frequency response only through the adjustment by the transfer function. The overall result is so impressive that even a square transmission of audio signals becomes possible. “A novelty in the history of the loudspeaker”. No loudspeaker does this as well as the VP 160 A! The output of the amplifier is 400 Watt Sinus. 200 Watt each for the frontal and rearward chassis. The output stages are likewise identical and differ only in the low-pass filter function of the rearward membrane. It has an automatic switchon and apart from an asymmetrical chinch input a symmetrical XLR-input provides for adequate input.

The circuit principle of the amplifier is minimalistic.

VOICE-POINT has managed to put the damping factor over 1000, which accounts for the extremely dry and precise bass radiation. The exorbitant good damping factor can only be realized through the spatial proximity to the speakers. Regardless of the type and quality, longer loudspeaker cables would render this impossible. Due to the quality of the amplifier VP 160 A is only available as an active speaker.

Like the membrane principle, the details to the circuit are patent.