Wynn Audio at IDS

For the second year in a row Toronto’s ultra high end dealer Wynn Audio is participating in the Interior Design Show. Using an innovative approach, Wynn Wong, the company’s founder, is trying to bring high end audio to the a non-audiophile audience, catering to the affluent lifestyle.

Just like last year, Wynn is using an interactive booth designed by Art & Co. Design Collective. People entering the booth become isolated from the rest of the exhibition and are immersed in the sound inside. The interior of the booth is all white and super bright, so that when people enter, it’s like they are in a different world.

This year music was played using the new Vimberg Tonda D speakers ($43,000 CAD) driven by Karan Acoustics KA L Reference preamplifier ($24,000 CAD), Karan Acoustics KA S 600 stereo power amplifier ($40,000 CAD) with Kalista DreamPlay One CD Player ($56,000 CAD) as the source and ZenSati Seraphim cables.

Wynn chose to use music by Enya as it has that spiritual and uplifting quality, with a bit of echo/reverb effect. The purpose it to create an effect of a big space, like a church or a big hall, with a tall wraparound soundstage.

Alex Gorouvein - Mono & Stereo