Mark Döhmann visits Canada

By Richard H. Mak & Alex Gorouvein

High end analog enthusiasts around the world are familiar with the name Mark Döhmann, the award winning turntable designer and inventor from Australia, who was responsible for such iconic turntable as Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn among others. Since 2015 Mark has been designing new turntables under his own brand name. Both of his new tables, Helix One and Two, won multiple award and praise around the world. 

Recently, well known Toronto high end dealer Sonic Artistry had the privilege of hosting Mark and George Moraitis, the new Director of Sales and Marketing at Döhmann Audio. Both of them were visiting dealers around North America to discuss future opportunities for growth as well the the new features of the upcoming Helix One V model, which will debut at Munich High End 2019 in May.    Richard Mak and Alex Gorouvein were invited. 

In the video below Mark explains the technology behind his original Helix One turntable and the use of the Minus K isolation platform, which was originally intended for use in medical laboratories.

The Minus K vibration isolation device has been granted multiple US Patents.    In the second system I have in my library located on the second floor, the turntable is literally unplayable unless nobody walks around the room.   The slightest foot stomping will cause the cartridge to hop across the record.   I have tried numerous isolation platforms from butcher blocks, SRA Platforms, HRS platforms, Ginko Audio Cloud platforms, Vibrapods, Maple Shade Audio Maple Boards, Granite slabs, Symposium Ultra platforms, you name it, I’ve tried it.    None were able to provide the active vibration isolation as effective as the Minus K.   With the Minus K, I can at least listen to the turntable with people walking around, but a heavy foot stomp will still cause the cantilever to hop across the record.

Foot stomping aside, the Minus-K does eliminate all sorts of vibration from the air, the room, and whatever which may get transferred onto the turntable.    How ingenious of Dohman to incorporate it right into his turntable!

(L to R: Jonathan Badov of Sonic Artistry, Mark Dohmann, Ed Balian, Sauve of NOVO Hi Fi Magazine, George Moraitis of Dohmann Audio, and Richard H. Mak, Analog Editor of Mono & Stereo)