Octave at Audionice High-End Audio Show 2019

Octave shares pre-show insights: Believe me, I managed a lot of totally different and really amazing setups until today. Bi-amping with the Octave V 16 Single Ended in Hongkong or six Jubilee Mono SE for a home cinema set with a passive subwoofer. But this time we play a huge and absolutely unique system: Jubilee Preamplifier. Jubilee Mono SE. MSB DAC, Beast streamer (from Switzerland). Audioquest cabeling. Unbelievable racks and six REL subs (three per channel. But these subs work only below 23 Hz and offer us a wider and deeper stage. Everything has a wonderful balance. This is known from home cinema setups with at least two subs (one in the front and one in the rear) to balance out the room modes. So more than one listener can enjoy a precise bass. But I want to be honest, this is my first time with a stereo system. And the Gauder Akustik speaker DARC 250 are already really full range speakers. But the match is more than fine and we benefit in this huge room from the help of the mighty REL. Nothing you will find at your dealers place. 

On the small wall we face the nice ELAC flagship loudspeaker with Audio Arts electronic and on the other small wall ProAc and a complete AVM system is performing. The second room is for B&W, Rotel, Constellation and REL subs in all sizes. It is an amazing statement on this High End show and we will see tomorrow how good we are. Starting with 11:30 o'clock there are presentations from the manufactures in the big room. So if you find time you can learn a bit more about Octave every day from 3 P.M. (1,5 hours - but with music!). Would be happy to meet you in one of he biggest show venues in South Asia: The Impact. No entrance fee.