The Nordost QKORE6 Ground Unit impact!

It was a pleasure to see Alex Brady from Nordost again. Alex has brought over and demonstrated the Nordost QKORE6 Ground Unit as well as different sets of QKORE Wires (patented Micro Mono-Filament technology). QKORE6 allows the grounding of all elements of the high-end audio system with their six binding posts. Even the basic connection to the ground of the Nordost's QB8 distribution block exhibited a significant step up in the performance. When we've added two grounds for the left and right channels of the Analog Domain Artemis monoblocks and connected the ground to the MSB Technology Select DAC, the difference was not funny anymore! We did take the needed time and approached the experimenting with an objective, step by step introductions of the grounding connection and the complete removal. It's a lengthy process, but in a way, we've only scratched the surface of the possibilities. 

In the absence of the QKORE6, the returning to the sobering reality was boring, to say the least...

Stay tuned for more in due time.