Arya Audio Labs AirBlade driver!

Arya Audio Labs AirBlade with Suesskind. Rather than using a heavy diaphragm with separate voice coil, the AirBlade transducer incorporates ultralight ring-shaped foil elements arranged in layers with conductive Aluminium traces directly bonded to it. When an electrical signal is applied, opposite layers of the diaphragm either move towards or away from each other depending on the direction of the current thus moving air and creating sound. By distributing the diaphragm area over several layers and implementing a curved shape, AirBlade avoids the typical beaming problem of traditional drivers while achieving higher power handling, reduced distortion and better air coupling due to its large diaphragm surface area, which in the AirBlade 180 is more than 37 times larger compared to that of a traditional 1inch tweeter while having similar outer dimensions.