Kondo Audio Note Japan galore!

Bob Visintainer from Rhapsody Audio is proudly happy about his Kondo Audio Note Japan gems: "The original Kondo 2A3 stereo amp named Kyouen Or Neiro? (with volume controls). The Kyouen/Neiro produces a MIGHTY 4-6 Watts. This amp is from the early 90's and was made by the venerable Kondo san. Also an original Ongaku that Kondo san also made in the early 90's. Both the Kyouen/Neiro and Ongaku still have their original tubes which were installed in the early 90's but were probably from the 40's. This Kyouen/Neiro and Ongaku are my babies and they will never be for sale.....all mine." Neiro and Kyouen uses the same circuit design. Neiro uses copper winding output transformers and Kyouen uses silver winding output transformers. They were both made in early '90.