Merason DAC1

The digital-to-analog converters named Purson are now called Merason, Daniel Frauchiger, CEO of dafraud GmbH, the manufacturer based in Switzerland, announced today. Apart from the new brand, there are no other changes. With the new name, the manufacturer underlines the claim of its products to be committed to sound. "Mera" stands for "unique", "son" for "sound". dafraud was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing and manufacturing digital and analogue products with the best possible sound. All devices are handcrafted in Worb, Switzerland, with the greatest possible care and are extensively tested before delivery.

The current product is the Merason DAC 1 digital-to-analog converter, which stands out for its high musicality. Customers and testers repeatedly mention its natural, neutral sound, spatial reproduction and extraordinarily high attention to detail. Even fans of vinyl and analog tape are impressed, what digital technology can do for the time being.