New Analog Domain Argus speakers!

After tweaking and perfecting the sound of the prototypes over the past 18 months Analog Domain Argus is finally getting a proper enclosure. It's built around an all metal frame, using birch plywood and glass sandwich panels. Heavy bracing inside excludes any cabinet vibrations and consequently colourations. The crossover is with adjustable levels for the Mid and High sections, and furthermore, as it's on a plate on the rear side, it can be replaced by a panel with separate binding posts for each speaker, if one wants to go fully active or use an external crossover. The external surface of the sides and back are real mirrors for a lasting elegance that blends perfectly with any environment.

Preliminary technical info:

- 99dB/2.8V/1m
- 4ohm rated
- 25Hz-20kHz +/- 2,5dB
- whisper-quiet to insane output levels with unrestrained dynamics
- downward firing ports
- bi-wiring terminals
- adjustable levels on Mid/High to match room or taste
- glass sides and back
- built to last a lifetime
- Approx. 120x44x44 cms
- 80kg each.

Price: 30k EUR for the pair, EXW. Some finishing options may add a bit.