New Diana Panton album!

Diana Panton, one of my favourite contemporary singers is back with a new HighResolution download album. "Each delightful track is an exquisitely manicured musical facet, set firmly in the Brazilian idiom and seamlessly sung in French and English by Panton. Her diaphanous vocal sound never insists and her high speed vibrato is like the beat of a hummingbird’s heart – natural, untainted and pure." - The Whole Note

Hearing Diana’s voice is like catching the sound of a thrush in the middle of a long Canadian winter, warm, sweet and pure. Her subtle near-whisper voice is a perfect fit for bossa-nova as she draws you elegantly and naturally into this sensual world. Each delightful track in this JUNO nominated tribute to the samba and bossa nova traditions of Brazil incites the carefree aura of youth and freedom and is an exquisitely manicured music artifact, set firmly in the Brazilian idiom.

Nominated also for the Canadian and an American Independent Music Award, the simple and pure quality of her music, blended together with a sweet and wistful voice is a very enticing combination. This is a perfect jewel of an album