New Elysio HT9-8060

New Elysio HT9-8060 is the top model within the HT series. It can be used from 800hz up to over 20khz with the TAD TD-2002 driver. It is able to spread the sound constantly over 80° horizontal deg. and 60° deg. with a maximum loss of 3db. "We can say that this is nearly an unmatched value in the high end horn scene, combined with absolute low distortion and minimal phase shift. In combination with the TAD TD-2001 and 2002 this is a dream team in your sound system." The HT9-8060 can be used inside huge hornsystems like the Western Electric WE 15A or similar horn systems, or it can be used on top of a 15" bass as a mid/ high solution for a two way system.