New Gigawatt PowerPrime power filter

Initial info and image of the all new Gigawatt PowerPrime power filter. Gigawatt is calling the series „power filters” but they are conditioners with a slightly simpler construction than Gigawatt C. Available March/April 2019. Thanks Absolute Hi End. 

Main features:

- new ultra slim design
- 6 outputs (silver plated)
- new filtering architecture with EMI Suppression capacitors
- new internal wiring – GigaWatt Powerlink OHFC 4 QMM
- large cross-section PCB (comparing to the PC-1/2 EVO cross-section PCB)
- RLC filtering block integrated with surge protection
-16A Relay (breaking capacity 4000W)
- new power buffer circuit with Audio Grade compensation batteries (for max. impulse response)
- polarization indicator