Vinyl Storage Solutions outer sleeves review

Let's talk vinyl storage. We spend a lot of money on our vinyl records, sometimes hundreds of dollars on those rare and elusive first pressings. Wouldn't it make sense to spend just a little more to store them properly? 

One interesting way of storing the vinyl was shown to me by my friend Jonathan of Sonic Artistry. He keeps his records outside of the record sleeves. And as Jonathan and I discovered recently, there is a perfect product to do just that properly.

The double pocket outer plastic sleeves produced by Vinyl Storage Solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada feature separate pockets - one for the record sleeve, the other for the record itself, with whatever inner sleeve you use. 

Record sleeves are inserted into one of the pockets from the bottom up and then sealed. Records are inserted from the top of the other pocket at a 45 degree angle so they don’t fall out. This allows you to take out a record to play without disturbing its record sleeve unnecessarily and preserving its condition. 

These sleeves come in either 2 mil or 4 mil plastic option. Both options are pretty sturdy and can hold thicker gatefold sleeves and up to 3 records. There is even a way to use two outer sleeves on a gatefold album if you want to be able to open it and see the inside, as shown in the video below:

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, contact Jonathan at Sonic Artistry

For anywhere else in the world, head over to the Vinyl Storage Solutions website at

Alex Gorouvein - Mono and Stereo contributing writer