Vitavox GP1 driver!

Anatomy of a classic driver. Inside the Vitavox GP1... "The GP1 was subject to a few cosmetic 'updates' over the course of its 50+ year production life, but the basic specification remained unchanged. The GP1 uses an alnico magnet. GP does indeed stand for "General Purpose" but we see no negative connotation here - the GP1 was designed to excel in multiple different applications. It was fitted, along with 550Hz multicell horns, to the Bitone 3000 and 6000 series cabinet loudspeakers. In all instances it was partnered with a 1kHz crossover."

- Frequency response: 200Hz - 14 kHz @ -12dB 
- Sensitivity: 108dB @ 1w @ 1m (ave. between 500Hz and 5kHz)
- Crossover frequency min.: 400 Hz