WoodenAmp and WoodenPreamp impressions

Our friend Paul Yoo shares some of the first impressions about the Misho Myronov’s WoodenAmp and WoodenPreap... “These amp and pre need some settle in time to open up the sound. On first day I heard some veiled sound, now it’s been sitting here for like 12 days before I turned them on. That veiled sound is totally disappeared. Very open and wide sound stage. Sound : No , these are not your dad’s old mushy tubey sound amp at all. When you hear the instrumental alone you almost don’t realize that you are listening to tube amp until the vocal comes up. Now talking about the voice. That sweet liquid vocal sound is there that you would expect from sweet tube amp.

So far they are great. the wooden pre is very low on gain ( sorry no measurement here ) at 10’ o’clock position with these wonderful wooden power amp with 3.5 watts sound loud enough on my 107db loud speakers.

 If you ask me to describe the sound ? I would say they are just “ PURE” sound. Don’t expect the warm tube sound. You won’t get it , Don’t expect any boost sound , Don’t expect it will help your shortcoming on your speakers. Coz it won’t. But will give your just “PURE music sound with NOTHING ADD to it “ if that’s what you expect then this amp and pre are for you. Oh if you have less than 93 dB speakers. You might want to look for something else.