Audiozen Mono - Si-C mosfet power amp

"Tubes, transistors, mosfets: discussions between audiophiles have long been about the question of what the best device to be interposed between preamplifier and loudspeakers is. Today semiconductor technology offers us equally valid alternatives, the best in our opinion is the development of silicon carbide mosfets."

Silicon carbide is a material composed of carbon and silicon and the devices designed with this semiconductor stand out for:

- remarkable speed qualities (a Si-C mosfet is about 3 times faster than a silicon mosfet);Mono Rear
- minimal input and output capacities (even 10 times lower than a conventional mosfet), an excellent feature that allows the audio signal not to be "colored", restoring realism to the event;
- high thermal conductivity, 3 times greater than silicon, synonymous with reliability for the lower cooling requirements.

These excellent peculiarities are combined with the classic "warmth" of the mosfet, here even more for intrinsic constructive properties, realizing what can therefore be considered the ideal component for music reproduction.

Mono InAudiozen, always attentive to innovation, around the Si-C mosfet had projected Mono, the first monophonic class AB amplifier that adopts these devices: 200 Watts @ 8 Ohms and 400 Watts @ 4 Ohms, guaranteed by a 625 VA toroidal transformer, by two rectifying bridges and by more than 25000 mF capacitors stable up to 105 degrees.

The equipment of the Mono is completed by the excellent rhodium-plated binding posts, a refined RCA connector and the power socket made in Germany by Schurter.

The 8 Si-C mosfets inside the Mono give great immanence to the sound together with a markeMono Sicd sense of rhythm. Realism is assured, there are no longer veils in front of the speakers, everything is tighter, turgid: the tension of the strings, the warmth of the voices, the energy of the percussions, each instrument has its position in the wide reproduced sound stage.

Whoever will own the Mono must have the awareness of having a product that is the result of passion and innovation, a mature world-class project. By turning the power knob you can reach the apex, the climax: this is why the power switch (which controls a 10 Amperes industrial relay) on the Mono has been called the enjoyment switch.

Tubes, transistors, mosfets? Si-C mosfets!