Disc of the Month

Disc of the Month - Jean-Claude Malgoire's Dance Music (CBS Masterworks 76183 -1976). No surprise, I found two recordings chains in situ, ready to capture more music. Mr. Kisselhof reportedly used back in the early '70s an old trusty Telefunken M10 or a Studer B62, but it was the symbiotic knowledge of the church resonance modes which paid most. Everyone not aware of these humble nuggets cannot avoid jaw-dropping when listening to these recordings and this very one isn't an exception... recorders, small and larger percussions, pousannen, and the most raucous crumhorns you can imagine. A beauty.

Cannot aid to strongly and heartfeltly suggest to browse the common sources and find and enjoy this disc and music.

You won't regret.

Stefano Bertoncello