E.A.T.’s new high-inertia platter/bearing combo

E.A.T.’s new high-inertia platter/bearing combo is a 50 lb. aluminum assembly featuring a top layer of brass capped with a vinyl mat made from recycled LPs bonded to the brass surface. The outer circumference of the platter has been fitted with brass cylinders, increasing overall inertia resulting in outstanding speed stability. The massive bearing has been engineered specifically for this high-mass platter, featuring a Nanotechnology coating process derived from racing engines that produces the lowest possible friction coefficient. The dual-motor Forte’ turntable is ideally suited to this high-inertia platter assembly that delivers ultra-low flutter and astonishing dynamics. MSRP for the Forte’ turntable with the standard platter is $9,495 USD. MSRP with the high-inertia platter is $10,995. E.A.T. has also introduced a version of the Forte’ featuring fine leather side panels. MSRP for the leather version is $9,995.