Kuraka E-Stable MINI active isolation platform

"Kurashiki Kako co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer and supplier of various types of vibration-proof and sound-proof products, and has been specializing in these products for many years. Our Stable series vibration isolation systems have been favorably accepted by many customers in various fields since it came out. The popularity of the Stable series may be due to the Gimbal Piston and the Dome Gimbal Piston, which have exceptionally high horizontal vibration isolation performance. The Stable series has two categories, the p-Stable series and the e-Stable series. Both series are open to utilization in various ways."

Active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom

- Outstanding anti-vibration effects over the entire frequency band,without resonance

Self-leveling & Clamping

- With the push of a button, it allows for &Clamp auto-leveling and clamping during transit.

LCD monitor standard equipment

- Sprung acceleration time waveforms display
- Sprung power spectrum display

USB interface

- By USB interface,you're sure to observe the vibration condition and to clamp by remote

Clean room-compatible design

- No air contamination 
- No air needed