New Akiko Audio XLPE installation Cable

By popular request Akiko Audio has added an installation cable to its range of products: The Installation Cable XLPE. A power cable that can be used to create a separate audio group. Akiko Audio knows from experience that the choice of material has a significant impact on your sound quality. This is why we avoid using PVC, a material that doesn’t insulate very well and causes unnecessarily high energy absorption. 

“We consciously chose XLPE as our insulation material,” says Sander van Berlo, “because it’s a material with excellent insulating and mechanical properties.  We believe the Akiko Audio XLPE Installation Cable offers great quality that adds to a beautiful sound.”

The cable consists of three 4mm2 copper conductors. The very effective EMI/RFI shielding is a braided and tinted copper braid, which adds to the mechanical stability of the cable. Finally, the outer sheath is also free from PVC.