New Gold Note Machiavelli MK2 cartridges

Gold Note is introducing the Machiavelli Gold and Machiavelli Red mkII. The exclusive Gold Note MC cartridges were redesigned with new ultra light coils to permit a lower output level guaranteeing better sound performance, larger bandwidth extension, finer details and greater power control. The Machiavelli series mkII outperforms the previous models though keeping all the main characteristics which had the Gold Note cartridges awarded in US and European magazines and appreciated worldwide.


The Machiavelli series is a refined phono cartridge MC which offers excellent audio performances. There are two models: GOLD and RED, the first one with a high precision Line Contact diamond, the second with a Micro- Elliptical diamond. The Machiavelli Series can be easily matched with any active phono preamp for MM/MC cartridges without the need of Step-Up transformers. Take a listen and rediscover your LP´s with our Italian cartridges.