New Hypostatic® VERUS speakers

Hypostatic® VERUS pre-sale... “Absolute Dimension Oy has now a new loudspeaker model Hypostatic® Verus (lat. true). There will be the same CMD (curved magnetostatic dipole) driver in Verus than is in the first model Indigenum. The woofer size is 8" and it's in the vented box. The cabinet is made of plywood and is coated with a birch veneer. There is a chance to color the veneer if wanted. Special veneers are also available on request for a surcharge. 

LFirst, max 20 pair of Verus, will be so called partners editions. They are now in pre-sale and the price of the pair is 6200 € (incl. VAT). The price includes not only the speakers but also 1% of shares of Abso-lute Dimension Oy. Speakers will be numbered 1-20, and customer will get his/her name on the plaque if wanted.”

Pre-sale ends 30.4.2019 and the speakers will be delivered during July and August in 2019 in the order of reservations.”

Obligatory reservation and payment instruction: