New Sadurni Acoustics Staccato GT speakers

Sadurni Acoustics will present the new Staccato GT speaker at the Axpona. Here are a few images from their room and a bit more in-depth explanation of the technology involved...

Sadurni Acoustics Horn systems offer 5 very special characteristics not matched by any other horn manufacturer:

1- Sadurni Acoustics Upper Bass Front Loaded Horn. This horn plays the most important frequencies in music from around 100 hz up to 1khz, frequently called the musical range. This range is where most instruments have their fundamental tones and is often overlooked even on the most expensive speaker systems. This horn is run with a driver manufactured specifically for Sadurni Acoustics in England and the calculation for both our upper bass horns offers: 115hz and 140hz, has been exhaustively tested acoustically, electronically as subjectively. The response in room for both is close to 100 hz. There are a lot of design characteristics of a horn; among others profile, construction materials, if it is square or round etc. Our upper bass front horns have the best qualities, round, tactrix with very heavy construction; 

2- Sadurni Acoustics High Efficiency 108dB: One of the most forgotten and most important characteristics in a front horn is compression. The driver in our upper bass horn is shooting into a smaller opening causing compression. This compression needs in turn to be compensated with a carefully ear tuned back chamber to make the sound more dynamic and avoid spurious resonances. This gives the horn a 6 to 8 dB increase in sensitivity and not only that, the added efficiency requests less movement from the driver for a given output lowering displacement in the driver which in turn lowers its distortion. This characteristic blend makes for a very dynamic and clean presentation of this most important range. 

Another wonderful bonus from this sensitivity increase is that we can now achieve a perfect match to the mid range compression driver horn and super tweeter with almost no output level adjustment or padding, taking resistors out of the way making a simpler crossover and giving the system wonderful detail and dynamics, and a sensitivity close to 108 dB for the full front horn range from 100 hz up to 45 khz. This special characteristic is why Sadurni Acosutics horns present none of the typical horn shout that has plagued horn systems.

3- Horn Construction materials. Sadurni Acoustics Horns are made out of very heavy MDF and wood composite materials: Not Plastic! Horns vibrate and these vibrations affect the sound very heavily since the distortion is also amplified by the horn. Our Reference range horns are made out mostly of MDF, Signature and Limited Edition horns are made of heavier materials than MDF which make the sound unbelievably better. Finish is also improved with these heavier materials.

4- Time Alignment: Most of Sadurni Acoustics systems allow for user Time Alignment so adjustments can be made “on the fly” in your listening room, for improved sound from your listening position. These adjustments add to the unity of sound and a better tonality, even minuscule changes are incredibly noticeable. I cannot stress enough the importance of time alignment in speaker systems, but it becomes even more important for horn loudspeakers. 

5- ABW Servo Controlled Bass Modules. Getting a Bass system to match perfectly with a Horn system is the most complicated part of getting into horns. We designed our proprietary Added Back Wave system based on the 50´s Tapped horn topology, where the back output of the driver is channeled through a horn labyrinth and added to the front wave, in phase, giving bass a powerful and clean sound with no box coloration and high dynamics. Each ABW Bass Module includes an 8” woofer and a servo control amplifier by Rythmik Audio. This modular system can use one to several ABW bass modules per side depending on room size and bass craving!