New SOtM LAN card

The sNI-1G is the SOtM’s first audio grade Ethernet port card, it would be shown for the first time officially at the show site, please check the simple spec of the sNHI-1G.

- Support M.2 interface(it can be connected with mPCIe and PICe slot) 
- Support 10BaseT,100BaseT,1000BaseT
- Support Wake on LAN
- Internal SATA power and external power input
- Ultra low noise regulator
- Ultra low jitter clock
- The audio grade clock module, sCLK-EX, ready

Since after released the sNH-10G at HighEnd2018, the sNH-10G have become to the necessity for all network audio system. In HighEnd2019, we will demo how dual serial-connected sNH-10G perform with SOtM equipment and Danish Audio Design Speaker at Hall2, G05.