Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord review

There is something uniquely different about the Acoustic Revive products. I've already reviewed XLR Absolute FM PC-Triplec/Ex with a great enthusiasm and as can read on the similar impact follows the Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord. 

The power cables are finally making their deserved mark on the earth and statements such as "the very last meter matters" won't label anyone as wicked. 

Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord is a highly complex power cable. It embraces many unique technologies and shows the real advantages of the Acoustic Review way. There is always something very different about Japanese products, and Absolute Power Cord is an exemplary product following the rich heritage of Japanese high-end audio products that matter! 


Acoustic Revive Absolute power cord cables are made one by one. The unique features and materials are why the Absolute power cord performs in such a distinctive manner. 

3 parts of 2.8mm x 2.4mm oval-shaped teflon-shielded PC-TripleC single core conductor. Natural silk damper tube. Air insulation space. Teflon coated flexible copper pipe (100% shielding) Carbon SF tube containing a maximum amount of carbon powder. 

On the photo above you can see the structure of a Japanese domestic version (without the dedicated earth conductor). The Schuko reviewed version uses three conductors instead of two. 


Of all the unique traits of the power cord, the Degawa type MD unit is one of the most intriguing. The Absolute Power Cord was designed from the ground up to reduce any kind of noise from either power supply and ground noise. 

Yes, Degawa type MD unit is the massive aluminium rode in the middle of the cable. The power chord is by itself a massive and this unique device only adds to its impressive weight. 

Degawa type MD absorbs and eliminates high frequency noise on power line and noise in audio band, high frequency noise connected with the ground line, as well as low frequency noise.It also deals with the unwanted hubris of the magnetic field. In in a way it's a device within device. Power supplies are the very hearth of any high-end audio electronic device and having a properly designed power cable is critical . 

By the implementing multiple magnets, Degawa method MD unit acts like a passive noise eliminator. What happens inside of the aluminium tube is belongs to realms of magnetic thermal fluctuation. Yes, the phenomenon is as complex as it sounds. If that channels the multiplexity, how does super magnetic relaxation time sounds like? 

In the past decades it was discovered how the magnetisation reversal time of ferromagnetic nanoparticles, that are fundamentally connected with the thermal fluctuations is of utterly importance and this findings are already being used in many different fields like information storage, microbiology etc. 

So how does this translate to audio? Here the endless counterweighting of subjectiveness and objectiveness kicks in. There are some ways of scientifically approaching to the subject matter, but the scope gives a little information on the aural impact. 

The best and only viable way of transcribing the effects and the overall impact is through the music. 


Furutech power plug and inlet connector uses nano crystal formula, a new material that was jointly developed by Acoustic Revive and Furutech. 

Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord uses FI-50 NCF piezo ceramic series, intriguing pieces that use breakthrough construction techniques. they're intriguing and interesting devices by itself that uses a couple of breakthrough construction techniques. 

A multilayer nonmagnetic stainless steel and silver plated carbon fiber shell incorporates a special damping and insulating acetal copolymer. Furutech settled on stainless and silver plated carbon fiber for the outer housing after extensive listening sessions with Japanese industry figures and audiophiles. 

The body of the connectors incorporates an “active” damping material: Nano Crystal² Formula. It is unique to Furutech products, and is composed of nano crystalline, ceramic, and carbon powder. 

The Nano Crystal² Formula has been incorporated into select Furutech products. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. 

Nano Crystal² Formula eliminates static, “interconverts” thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy, and dampens vibrations—all for the finest Furutech Pure Transmission signal imaginable. 

Floating Magnetic Field Effects 

The Furutech Earth/Ground Jumper System 

Furutech’s concentrated examination of each and every element of signal transfer has resulted in another breakthrough technology—the Furutech Earth/Ground Jumper System. It eliminates EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) induced in metal parts like connector housing screws. 

Current flowing through the power connector creates a magnetic field, just as an insulated conductor creates both electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. Furutech engineers found this magnetic field induces current flow (and a small magnetic field) in the screws holding the connector together. These magnetic fields interfere with the larger magnetic field around the conductor and connector. 

Furutech’s total attention to detail and elegant engineering neatly solves the problem. The Earth/Ground Jumper System connects the securing screws to a ground terminal within the plug, completely eliminating the field disturbances they cause. The stray fields are grounded by a series of interlocking parts within the connector that attach to the ground conductor. The Jumper System is available in Furutech NEMA Power and IEC Connectors. The Earth/Ground Jumper System Carries US Patent No. 6,669,491 


PC-Triple C is a unique feature using traditional Japanese forging processes, producing a new ‘ultimate’ conductor. 

Forging process 

Copper is compressed to 70% by forging tens of thousands of times by gradual application of pressure with a fixed angle and direction (the constant angle continuation transfer forging method). By using this forging process, the transverse crystal grain boundary changes and becomes more longitudinal. Crystals now have consecutive connections, making current flow extremely smooth. 

In addition, by forging, the conductor density is dramatically improved by destroying the internal air grains. This, in turn, improves the conductivity and the acoustic signature of the copper. 

A conductor section before forging process 

Electric current flow → → → 

The crystal structure and grain boundaries that are formed in a transverse state are a disturbance to the electric current and signal transmission. 

Electric current flow → → → 

The Crystals and grain boundaries that were in a transverse state are elongated and become more longitudinal when they are forged repeatedly in the same direction. 

After 50% forging 

Electric current flow → → → 

By further continuous forging, crystal structures and grain boundaries are subdivided and lined up longitudinally, generating a smoother signal transmission. 

Annealing process after core-wire processing 

PC-TripleC wire after "Continuous Crystal Construction" process is further processed by Transfer Forging method for the thinner wire. Then Annealing process is carried out at a temperature and time control depending on a thickness of the wire. As a result, crystals fuse to each other and change into more consecutive crystal. 


Tord Gustavsen is among my favourite nordic pianists and jazz composers. There is something timelessly different in his way of painting notes. His transcriptions of the nordic coldish inner core errs on the safe side of melancholy. 

Fantastic Tord Gustavsen Trio - The Other Side is lyrically enriched and recorded at an above average quality. Records like this easily balance sometimes clashing audiophile/music minds, and The Other Side perfectly both sides of the spectra. Like many well recorded albums, Tord Gustavsen's latest output calls for well balanced distribution of energy. 

Like classical music, jazz can help us forget about our mundane troubles The catch? A perfectly tuned system that is able to mimic the very message of the music. This is where the high end differs from hi-fi. The emotional engaging part and the ability of the audio message penetrating the usual penury senses act. When everything is right the music's potential is being transmitted without hints of laid-backness. This is exactly one of the Absolute power cord's fortes—immaculate power handling in absence of any blurriness that can easily distort aural virtual reality. 

There is nothing like progressive rock. There are many hidden gems and one of them is certainly the Cressida - Asylum. The opening track and album title track alone represent a simple yet complex challenge. A power chord can be inserted anywhere in the high-end audio system chain, but I've with the sources the impact is usually most obvious and of instant awareness without any need for a continuous re-check. 

On the upper plane of high-end audio realms there is more than just simple music rendition. It's all about touching the music's inner core. The biggest challenge is always how to transmit the original message without losing the potency of the music’s message. This is exactly what separates the mediocre and high performance cables. There are many aspects needed to be addressed, but I'm always asked to find, distil, decipher and point to the positive attributes. Like with Acoustic Revive PC-TripleC/EX there is something organically right about the Absolute Power Cord. Power cables do belong to a different category than interconnect. 

The Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord’s ability to "put" together an immersive portraying of Cressida’s constant interplay and proper propagation of instruments in space was a true stand out. This was easily re-confirmed with King Curtis - King Size Soul's A cover of timeless Whiter Shade of Pale. The usual smearing of highs that is too quickly evident with the entry level cables were completely gone with the insertion of Absolute Power Cord. The same goes for the density. 

Barry Adamson - Lost Highway, the track Mr. Eddy's Theme 1 is always on hands to explore any product ability to deliver that surreal-anamorphic sonic illusion. You'll always find a a simplicity in complexity. See it as Einstein famous quote of everything being simple, but not simple. Often, it's hard to convert the subjectiveness of audio expanse. Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord’s speciality is to expose within this exact juxtaposition. The very contrasting consequence of handling the (what appears) a simplistic yet highly fixated and somehow impenetrable force of pure signal flow was never obstructed with Acoustic Revive power cord. Then again, we're dealing in the upper echelon plane of highest order audio objectivity. 

You can mask a system’s true ability with music. Let it be a simple string ensemble, a well recorded jazz piece, even more complex studio arrangements, yet when it comes to the portrayal of something as simple as brass instrument things can too quickly go south. There is something essentially dense about the rendition of the saxophone and trumpet that can easily de-mask any shortcomings of the high-end audio setup. Dave Ballou - Solo Trumpet is one of the rawest examples. This unaffected purism of tone is full frontal, unapologetically in-your-face and utterly demanding. Absolute power cord’s ability of keeping the spectral colour shading intact was remarkable and reputable, the virtue alone worthy of high praise. 

Track Tightly instantly reveals dynamic density reservations and highlight any spatial distortion. Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord has proven able to deliver impeccable balancing act and rawness of pure music energy in absence of dynamic constraints, once again a sole feature worthy of the premium highlighting. 

Lou Reed - Walk On the Wild Side from Transformer needs no special introduction. As a brief encounter, this particular compositions might be too easily oversimplified in terms of dynamic complexion recognition. The proper dimensional scope can be too quickly distorted when electricity is not handled properly. However, the Absolute power cord has allowed the layers of harmonics from different instruments to form a believable scale with a mightier impact., far above expected and far above its given price. 

One little trick with this famous track that can put any product under the serious stress is the distribution of an even flow. Especially with the Walk On the Wild Side. Cross of double bass 

But it gets even more intriguing. When the female vocals at 1:24 begin at forte from way behind the speakers there is a serious need of peculiar imaginary parabolic exposition. Without the dynamic continuation, the expansive scenery collapses as fast as it appears. This is not the case with with Acoustic Revive Absolute power cord performing the duties. Absolute power cord's refreshing integrity has repeatedly revealed its strength when it comes to the handling of a diverse three dimensional multiplication. An exemplary act all alone! 


I'm sure you've got a pretty good idea how Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord is not your usual suspect. This is a world class, high performance power cable with a thorough fixation to the performance. 

The implementation of Degawa method MD unit, PC-TripleC oval single conductor, natural quartz damping, the best Japanese silk manufactured by Paris Fashion Week knitwear manufacturers is of much different propensities that even on theoretical level ignites more than just an interest. 

The Absolute Power Cord's ability to forward an unaltered power is remarkable and invigorating. Similar to PC-TripleC/EX, the vibrancy and naturalness is enriched by the power vigour that is not easily found in the power cables product that come with quite stiffer price tag. 

Often, a power cable will act quite differently when inserted into various devices. While Absolute
Power Cord dominion was immediately definite after the very first notes with DAC or phono preamplifier, the lively coercion was not diminished at anytime when used with power amplifier or a preamplifier That is a rare characteristic not easily found regardless of a price sticker. 

So can meritocracy meet the sonic rationalism? With Acoustic Revive flagship power cord, it can. Absolute power cord delivers ultimate coherence without any reservations across complete bandwidth. It's a representative of an extraordinary world where each and every technology proves the dramatic music first scenario! 

For what it represents and its price point Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cord deserves wider recognition. I'm wholeheartedly awarding it with the Mono and Stereo 2019 Upper Echelon Product award. 

Matej Isak 


EUR 10.000 


  • PC-TripleC 2.8 x 2.4 mm Oval single wire conductor 
  • Silk + PTFE insulation (*Relative dielectric constant 2.1 *e.g. PE/2.4, PVC/5.6)
  • Air insulation by natural silk tube 
  • The highest Japanese silk manufactured by knitwear manufacturer who is working for Paris Fashion Week 
  • PTFE coated flexible copper pipe shield 
  • Carbon CSF tube Damping structure using natural quartz 
  • Nano Crystal Formula power plug and inlet connector 


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