Camerton Audio Binom-1 full-range speakers!

On the pre-Munich's show day on Wednesday Vincent Brient from Totaldac insisted I should hear the Camerton Audio Binom-1 full-range speakers! While I was listening to his all-new Amp-1 amplifier with Magico M6 speakers he installed the little wonders from Germany. With some of the tracks, it was quite far out what these tinny speakers could provide. 

With their black piano finish and golden embed logo, Camerton Audio Binom-1 somehow reflect an aura of acoustical instruments. Very stylish and captivating!

Key features:

- ultimate compact loudspeaker
- integral enclosure structure
- unique flat-diaphragm wide range driver
- perfect tuned phase-invert bass system
- solid-metal logo on the front panel
- round aerospace aluminum anodized rear plate
- piano paint finishing