Camerton Audio Binom-1 fullrange speakers

The unique Binom-1 is a loudspeaker with a single driver designed to turn over your imagination about fullness, power and fidelity of sound. It is based on our brand wide-band Binom-A flat-diaphragm driver. The excellent execution of the integrated enclosure structure ensures completely absence of parasitic resonances, bringing to the listener only the true intentions of music creators. Thanks to the perfect tuned phase invert system, on the rear panel, the bass register of classical compositions sounds with absolute fullness. The effect will surprise even the most ardent suitors of dynamic and elastic bass. The presence in the system only one compact driver allows to achieve the maximum desalinations degree and drawing all the images of the sound stage while leaving the entire integrity of the music canvas. Black or white piano lacquer finishing elegantly enters the model in your interior.

Key features:

- ultimate compact loudspeaker
- integral enclosure structure
- unique flat-diaphragm wide range driver
- perfect tuned phase-invert bass system
- solid-metal logo on the front panel
- round aerospace aluminum anodized rear plate
- piano paint finishing

Technical specifications