Kaiser Acoustics Furioso Mini speakers!

Finally it's finalised! Here are the exclusive official photos and info about the all-new Kaiser Acoustics Furioso Mini speakers (12.000 EUR without the stand). Furioso (sensitivity 89 dB 2,83 v, 4 Ohm) mini uses Scan-Speak Ellipticor tweeter, custom made SB Acoustics Satori  7,5 inch mid-woofer, two custom made Scan-Speak Illuminator passive radiators (same model as in Chiara).  

To keep the cost down only the front baffle is made from the Panzerholz (tankwood). The rest of the enclosure is made out of the special Swiss CDF. For the same reason, top class Jantzen and Mundorf components are used instead of Duelund,

The first production pair is coming for a review at Mono & Stereo. Stay tuned!