Little things matter!

Little things matter right!? Yes, they do, especially when we're dealing with the upper echelon products and paraphernalia. I just love it when the company goes to an extra extent in making a functional product, that is actually made to be used extensively.  The fell and execution of the new MSB Technology remote is really something different. It embraces the technical art of making. The smoothness of operation, highly boosted signal, rechargeable battery, ergonomic design, solid aluminum housing and stainless steel buttons that are logically placed around stylish volume wheel delivers fast, über sleek and comfortable operation. 

There is a certain, swiss watch-like quality feel to it. It shows how much thought went into the making.  Raiding the gain belongs to my most important minute operations and considering that the remote is the indispensable daily partner I simply love the perfected craftsmanship and refined, practical ergonomy!

Hats off to the MSB team!