New warp preamplifier

Another new, interesting and interesting product. The warp preamplifier with R2R-256 steps pure analog volume control and plethora of features...


Dual mono - fully balanced topology 

  • Media player, streamer 
USB audio 2.0 DAC - any format or resolution supported 

  • 140dB signal to noise ratio 

  • Music on demand services - Tidal, Qobuz 
Music server, including 5TB internal hard drive 

  • Analog and digital coaxial inputs 
XLR balanced outputs 

  • Phono stage optional module 

  • hdmi input with audio extraction 

  • hdmi output for extended graphical user interface 

  • ADC 32/384, recording using advanced music recognition engine, retrieving cover art info 
Proprietary control for volume/balance and menu navigation