New JMF Audio PHS 7.2 phono preamplifier

"At JMF Audio we think that the recordings from the golden years should be enjoyed in the format they were intended for. Of course, most of the historical recordings have been remastered and transferred to CD or hi-res. However, we find that the digital versions have failed to carry the emotion and ambiances in their integrality. In our opinion the recordings from the 50’s to the 70’s, and most 80’s, were meant to be played on vinyl. Only vinyl would translate all the music and spirit to the listener and place him in the suitable state of mind."

This was the initial motivation for the development of the JMF Audio phono pre-amplifier / linearizer.

We took over the development of the new phono linearizer based on our last achievements which dated 1997. The results soon confirmed our expectations. Recordings from the analog era sounded pleasing, with warmth and natural. Next, as prototypes were improving by application of JMF Audio’s past decades’ acquired experience and knowhow, complemented with dedicated research and development, we found ourselves fascinated with the resulting natural and life-like rendering… including on today’s recordings...

Preliminary information
  • Balanced hand-calibrated precision cartridge inputs
  • Cartridge load setting, resistance and capacitance, for each input
  • Dual-mono design
  • Super Symmetrical AnalogTM
  • Direct passive optimized RIAA eq and additional adjustable eq (subj. to patent)
  • Balanced / unbal. hand calibrated precision outputs

"A cartridge’s coil is balanced by design. The PHS 7.2 phono input stage takes advantage of this aspect through a hand-calibrated precision balanced input technology, as found in all analog JMF Audio equipment and adapted here to the cartridges' small signal levels. The benefit is 100dB of common mode rejection (up to 1000 better than conventional balanced interfaces and infinitely better than single ended). This guarantees the highest immunity to electromagnetic interferences along with a greater three- dimensional sound rendering.

The PHS 7.2 is based on a dual-mono concept, with mechanically suspended audio circuit boards. It features JMF Audio's PGP gold plated printed circuit board technology, with hand soldered components.

The RIAA de-emphasis filter is implemented in a direct passive form (no feedback loop) employing defense grade capacitors specially made to measure for JMF Audio.

Extensive literature read and conversations with vinyl lovers and cutting engineers have led us to implement additional adjustable de-emphasis curves in parallel with RIAA to allow original recording pressings from the early 50's (and possibly later) to be played with a correct balance. This feature would also allow listeners to adapt the playback tone to their preference. The implementation being subject to a patent application, more information would be revealed later.

Of course, the PHS 7.2 directly takes advantage of the technological advancements developed with time for the JMF Audio analog products collection."

Front panel:

- Multiple gain settings accessible from the front panel to suit different cartridges and recordings levels.
- RIAA or adjustable equalization selections.
- Filter activation (subsonic cut 12dB/octave).
- Phase (polarity) control (no additional circuit engaged, same signal path whichever the polarity).

Rear panel:

- Two inputs, balanced / un—balanced operation.
- User selectable cartridge loading for each input (capacitance and resistance).
- MC and MM selection for each input.

 Release plan October 2019