Sperling Audio PDM-1 azimuth adjuster

"With the PDM-1 (€1,790.00) we have developed a tool that allows you to adjust the azimuth of your system perfectly. In order to achieve this, we have developed a special measuring record in addition to the actual measuring device, which enables not only the pure channel-separated level measurement but also the difference of the channels. This makes it possible to look like a microscope in the measurement and so to be able to set the needle extremely accurate."

"When measuring or checking with the PDM-1 not only the basically correct azimuth setting is evaluated, but also possible geometrical tolerances, wear or defects within the system, which would not be apparent or with stencils.

The trick: Depending on the design of your tonearm, the exact adjustment of your system with the PDM-1 takes at most 10 to 15 minutes. If you really want to adjust your system precisely, you will not be able to ignore this tool. Interesting not only for the enthusiast but especially for use in service.

The PDM-1 is made in Germany by hand using only the highest quality components. Each meter is calibrated and tested. The cabinet is made by a master carpenter and covered with fine Makassar veneer. Even the measuring instrument with its scale travel of stately 175mm unparalleled and is made exclusively and exclusively for the PDM-1 by a renowned German company.

Power is supplied to the PDM-1 via built-in batteries to eliminate any kind of interference from the mains. Thus, the meter works completely self-sufficient, and that for several hours."