Three new CanEVER Audio products

CanEVER Audio will proudly present in Munich (BOOTH M08 in Hall 3) for the first time three new product... 1. The CanEVER Audio DAC Limited Edition based on selected components within a tolerance of 1% including top of the line Mundorf Supreme Silver in Oil capacitors. 2. The CanEVER Audio DAC-HPA Headphone Amp & Digital Preamplifier based on the circuit of the well acclaimed ZeroUno DAC. 3. The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp delivering 50W in prure Class A based on the same design philosophy as that of the top of the line LaScala Power Amp. Detailed info below...

ZeroUno DAC Limited Edition

CanEVER Audio celebrates over 150 pieces of ZeroUno DAC Digital Preamplifier sold to date with a Limited Edition release.

The ZeroUno DAC Limited Edition will be presented for the first time at the HighEnd 2019 in Munich. The ZeroUno DAC-LE will be produced in a number of 33 pieces only!

The circuit and mechanical design is that of the ZeroUno DAC. The same is valid for the software implemented. But a big effort is done in selecting and matching of the components installed.

All the passive and active components and are matched within 1%. The resistors at the output stage are all non inductive and made of carbon composition like the legendary Allen Bradley.

The upgrades just described are “simple” and intuitive but the tuning of the output stage returned an astonishing result.

The output stage of the existing ZeroUno DAC is playing already on a very high quality standard. To improve that level of performances was a big challenge.

There are only two capacitors on the signal path, those that isolate the output vacuum stage.

Looking for a more liquid and open sound, CanEVER Audio found the perfect partner in the Mundorf Supreme Silver in Oil capacitors.

At all times, the Mundorf Supreme Silver in Oil sound effortless and natural. The listening experience is extended at both ends of the spectrum with excellent micro details in the midrange and high frequencies. The reproduction is exquisitely refined with an excellent balance between being analytical and musical. This is a real step forward, even if CanEVER Audio started from an already elevated level.

The USB board comes with full MQA decoding as standard and it is galvanically isolated from the source.

These, added to the already present “battery Mode” function improves even more the s/n ratio of the ZeroUno DAC.

Last but not least, some refinement has been done on the aesthetics. Similar to the LaScala Power Amplifier. The tube cages of the ZeroUno DAC-LE are made of PMMA cylinders covered by a metal cap made from stainless steel.

An attractive classic retro style, was reached. The clean lines, with the tube cage made of glass and the front plate integrated into the front, give an even more elegant impression.

The ZeroUno DAC Limited Edition Digital Preamplifier will be produced in a number of 33 units only.

Customers are welcomed to visit CanEVER Audio in BOOTH M08 in Hall 3 during the High End Show 2019 in Munich!

ZeroUno DAC-HPA -Headphone Amp & Digital Preamplifier

The ZeroUno DAC-HPA ́s DAC part is based on the circuit of the acclaimed ZeroUno DAC. Different from the tube output stage of the ZeroUno DAC, the ZeroUno DAC-HPA comes with a discrete output stage based on selected transistors. The design concept of that output stage is inspired by that of the CanEVER LaScala Power Amp.

The whole design concept of the ZeroUno DAC-HPA does not use any capacitors or integrated circuits, like operational amplifiers, nor any kind of feedback loops in the signal path!

The ZeroUno DAC-HPA comes with four digital inputs (1x RCA single ended; 1x AES/EBU balanced; 1x Optical TOSLINK & USB).

On the front, there is one 1x 6mm standard headphone jack and a NEUTRIK 4-pin connector to drive headphones with balanced cables.

On the rear, the ZeroUno DAC-HPA offers two pairs of analog output connectors. In the standard configuration, all connectors are RCA/Single Ended. Upon customer request, CanEVER Audio offers for one pair of outputs a true balanced signal including XLR connectors based on output transformers made by Lundahl.

The circuit of the ZeroUno DAC-HPA comes in pure Class A with a super linear driver able to deliver high current to drive even headphones representing critical loads. The analog outputs on the rear are able to drive power amps or powered speaker without any loss in quality.

Beside the volume knob on the front, the ZeroUno DAC-HPA comes with a remote control, which not only let the customer change the volume, but also offers features like BALANCE, PHASE, MUTE and a central button to change between the different inputs.

A detailed SET-UP Menu let the customer configure the ZeroUno DAC-HPA in various ways.

OLIMPICO Pure Class A Power Amplifier

The CanEver Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is a homage to the famous Teatro Olimpico, located in Vicenza, designed by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, a pearl for design and listening experience.

The OLIMPICO Power Amp project is based on that of the LaScala Power Amp, marking the top in the CanEver Audio product line. But unlike the LaScala, which comes in two separate cabinets (power supply & amp circuit) the OLIMPICO comes in one single box.

While the LaSacla is able to deliver a maximum output power of 120W per channel in pure Class A, the OLIMPICO has been tailored to deliver 50W pure Class A “only”.

As many audiophiles experience over time, the sound quality of an amp does not correlate with its output power. Sometimes the sound of a “small” amp combined with matching speakers is surprisingly good. Listening to some well designed SET amps or those based on the First Watt projects of Nelson Pass may be an example.

The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is positioned right between those “flea powered” amps demanding really high efficient / high impedance speakers to sound good and those mostly oversized amps delivering several hundreds of watts.

Delivering solid 50 Wrms in pure Class A, the CanEver Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp can drive any seriously designed speaker to its top level of performance.

The lines remain true to the original lines of its big brother - the CanEver Audio LaScala Power Amp - revisiting them with a more attractive flair. The character remains unique and unmistakable.

The OLIMPICO Power Amp was designed with the aim of creating a smart, simple and useful power amplifier to highlight the original concept of a "hybrid amplifier with as less stages as possible, no feedback loops and without any capacitor in the signal path".

The basic architecture of the OLIMPICO Power Amp, the output transformers, the interstage transformers and the tubes are the same as used inside its big brother the LaScala.

The first stage of the OLIMPICO is based on a TRIODE stage responsible for the whole voltage amplification followed by a current stage designed around only two power MOSFETs per channel. These stages are coupled by interstage transformers, so not a single capacitor touches the sound of the audio signal.
Everything is designed, inspired by the Canever Audio Leitmotif: The Natural Sound!

The two output transformers of the OLIMPICO Power Amp are specified up to a maximum power of 400 Watts. These transformers guaranty high linearity, wide bandwidth and naturally isolate the loudspeakers in case of fault.

Working at “only” 50Wrms pure Class A compared with the 400 W of reservoir power, the OLIPMPICO blends comfort with versatility and makes it perfect for relaxed everyday listening experience – but without ever compromising its technological spirit.

The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is designed based on 25 years of experience. The result is an amplifier, which leaves no room for doubt about the performance it can deliver