Troy Audio at Munich High End Audio Show 2019

Troy Audio invite you to “meet” Achilles and Hellena MKII loudspeakers, the ultimate expression of musical emotion at stand E08 Halle 2 and Atrium F218.

"The Hellena MKII has been designed with two separate acoustic chambers: one contains a powerful 16” woofer with alnico motor, and the other houses one of the best drive-units ever made: the 604-8 duplex coaxial driver with 16” paper cone and alnico magnetic motor, at its center a compression driver and horn. Both of these drivers are made in Oklahoma by Bill Hanuschak and his team at Great Plains Audio.  To reproduce the extreme treble, the Hellena MKII also has an ultra-high-frequency supertweeter.

Achilles is a new loudspeaker that promises natural, realistic sound quality previously unheard from speakers of this size. The Achilles is a three-way loudspeaker that uses a 12" midrange-woofer with compression driver and horn in a coaxial arrangement. The system is complemented with a supertweeter. The Achilles enclosure measures 58" high x 16" wide x 20" deep.

Troy Audio’s loudspeakers will be showed at stand E08 Halle 2 and in Atrium F218 (Thrax Audio room) at High End Show Munich 2019. Will be joined with important brands as Thrax Audio, Frank Schroder, Thomas Schick, SoReal, Ana Mighty Sound, Metronome Technologie and Zonotone of Japan."