Deer RSS-3000 300mm Excitation field coil speakers

Deer RSS-3000 300mm Excitation field coil speakers from Japan.

Reflected wave inside BOX 

To adjust reflected sound, inside of the BOX is specifically coated to erase unnecessary distortion of BOX vibration, reproducing true sound. 

Sympathetic vibration of the main unit 

When speaker is fixed to a BOX, magnetic circuit is stabilized to suppress unnecessary vibration from heavy excitation speaker.  Superior response is sufficiently brought out as characteristic vibration is subdued. 

Resonance of baffle and backboard 

To suppress the vibration of baffle and side board caused by the back pressure of speaker, sidebar is attached to completely subdue characteristic vibration.  Additionally, steel plate is attached to the backside of BOX baffle to minimize the impact of woofer vibration on BOX.  Superior response is brought out by diminishing the distortion caused by the vibration. 

Sympathetic vibration on the bottom of BOX

Steel plate attached to the bottom of BOX suppresses the vibration traveling from the BOX to speaker stand and reproduces true sound.

Duct vibration

Damping material (specific damping plastics) is set up to suppress the vibration of duct caused Front baffle board 
With 42mm thick baffle, large amplitude from woofer does not affect the true sound reproduction.

About field speakers

Field coil speakers are speakers that use electromagnets on the magnetic circuit of the diaphragm.

Speakers were first released into the market in the 1920’s, until the 1960’s, most speakers were built using this system, after the invention of permanent magnets, manufacturers switched their method to permanent magnet system. This is because the permanent magnet does not require a dedicated power supply, meaning the manufacturing costs are low.

Although they are not commercially made nowadays, they are still very popular amongst the audio freaks and the vintage speakers are traded at high prices.

When you hear the sound through a field coil speaker, it sounds very different from a permanent magnet speaker system.

Also by changing the voltage on the field coil speaker, it is possible to cause a change in the sound quality.

RF1703Comparing with the electro magnet system, it has a unique individuality, DEER thinks that there always will be audio freaks who require the field coil speakers.

DEER is prepared to bring together the unique technology that they have gained in the years of operating as a speaker system manufacturer, to produce high quality field coil speakers at a reasonable price for the audio freaks.

Sound quality

The sound quality is based on High Fidelity sound creation.

They are also particular about creating sound without deformation, to bring a smooth and high quality sound effect that you can listen to for long hours, they also place value on recreating the punchy power of the bass and the sound of piano as faithfully as possible. DEER Field excitation speaker series have passed these values that they have set.

DEER original field coil power source unit

Because reproduced sound of field coil speaker is affected by voltage from the power source, exclusive controller is variable to supply the most appropriate voltage.  Like amplifier and playback equipment, power source  is an important factor that affects the reproduced sound, our exclusive controller is equipped with various measures to get the highest performance of DEER.


  • Form: Exciting speaker system
  • Diameter: 30cm woofer, 13cm mid, 60mm tweeter
  • Rated input: 100W
  • Max. input: 300W
  • Nominal impedance: SQ
  • Audio frequency range: 20Hz - 40kHz
  • Output sound pressure level: 93dB/W/m DC12V input
  • Dimensions: W=420  D=450  H=900 (without projections)
  • Weight: 93kg
  • Max. consumption current: 4.1A