Exclusive interview with Miguel Alvarez - Tripoint Audio

How did all started?

It started as a personal quest to recreate the dynamic realism of live music in my own home. My electronic engineering background lead me to the conclusion that there was a better way to eliminate noise. Through thorough research, I was able to figure out that the key to music realism was the correct implementation use of magnetic propulsion.

Who inspired you and your creations or still does?

My biggest inspiration is the love and passion I have for the music.

Can you tell us more about your background? 

I had a very strong influence in music my father played the violin and sang opera. My grandfather was a classical music connoisseur and I had a very strong bond to classic rock music growing up. As you can see I was exposed to many genres of music at such an early age of my life.

What’s the story behind the name? 

The name Tripoint comes from the theory that all energy needs to be transferred from one point to another whether it is sound waves or the dispensation of mechanical energy.

Do you consider yourself an audiophile? 

I do not really consider myself a true audiophile. I actually would say I am a music lover first and an audiophile second. The term audiophile has a lot to be desired in our industry since no system that I have ever heard besides a Tripoint system conveys the feeling of a true live musical event. 

Kindly list the current Tripont Audio products.

Our current products include the Troy Signature, Troy Signature SE, Troy Elite, Troy Elite NG, Empress, Prince, Emperor mkII ground cables, Signature Silver, and Thor SE.

What are the constructional differences between different level of products?

The constructional difference between different level products has to do with the choice of material, size of filtering, windings, shields, conductor choice, and choice of isolation platforms.

Would you say the Tripont Audio's DNA is carried across the complete product line? 


What makes Troy Elite NG so unique? Can you tell us more about its creation and what inspired you to design it? 

The Elite NG is a no holds bar product in material implementation. Everything we learned in the last ten years has been implemented in this flagship design. 

Why the grounding and ground boxes? 

In my opinion, the ground box and speakers are the two most important components in hi-end.

Why speakers' grounding? 

The actual speaker magnets produce a magnetic field which is prone to the actual pick up of noise.

How important are the grounding cables? 

Grounding cables are very important because they transfer the actual noise away from the component. The wrong grounding cable can eliminate noise but also produce timing issues and phasing issues and generate unwanted false dynamics.

What is your take on power cables? 

Most power cables in the industry are flawed. They are nothing but tone control. 

Are the EMI/RFI our biggest enemies? 

Yes! Plus mechanical distortion

What are the principal benefits of grounding sound-wise? 

The hardest thing in audio reproduction to overcome is the accuracy of speed. With this added speed true music realism happens.

How would you explain the methodology and inner working of grounding to technically not an inclined person in the easiest way? 

No grounding no music.

If the differences are so drastically with the grounding box, does it mean that electronic manufacturers are not doing their job properly? 

The industry has a lot to learn when it comes to grounding schemes within component engineering.

Exotic materials and electronic parts. A must or not? 

In order to deliver the utmost purity, it is very important that exotic materials are included in the fabrication process.

What is your take on silver as material?

Silver is a very tricky material to tame as it is prone to pick up noise. It has taken us ten years to implement methods on how to overcome the challenges of noise rejection when it comes to applying silver in our product.

What about a copper? 

Copper has its own challenges as it can induce too much false dynamics into the lower mid base of the music. We also found ways to address these challenges with our methods.

How important are the measurements? 

Measurements are important but they do not tell you the whole story. Yes, we strive to have good measurements for inductance, capacitance, figures, but it only tells half of the problem.

How about critical listening? 

Critical listening is important but there are some factors that are beyond my control, many of the electronics and speakers suffer from too much compression. Tripoint grounding is able to fix a lot of problems with phasing and timing if the speaker is engineered properly.

Where is the borderline of transparency and proper sound balance? 

The sky's the limit you could have all the transparency, musicality, and lifelike dynamics if you take the time to address EMI/RFI noise reduction, eliminate mechanical distortion, and correct speaker choice. All that is left is the actual recording itself.

How do you refine, voice and fine tune your products?

We measure, listen and evaluate. One change at a time.

Is classical music the ultimate reference material to judge any speaker system? 

Yes due to its complexity and scale.

Do you manufacture everything in house? 


Does form follow the function with Tripoint Audio? 


Would you say one’s love and passion for music reflect into his products? 

Yes the perfectionist in me translates to the performance results Tripoint has today.

What would you say that is the most important part of the high-end audio system? 

Loudspeaker and ground box. Yes, the ground box is even more important than the room. The ground box changes the speaker room interaction. The correct grounding implementation fixes phasing and timing issues as long as the speaker is engineered correctly. I’ve heard rooms completely disappear and the system transport you to the actual hall where the recording took place. Only the Tripoint can create this magic.

What sets apart Tripoint Audio from the competition? 

I could write a book. I will let the music speak for itself. 

What is the secret behind the Tripoint Audio success? 

Our business partners, our results, and our loyal customer base is what has helped us to be so successful. 

What are the most demanding challenges with running the high-end audio company? 

Finding people to deliver high tolerance parts on a consistent basis is the most challenging thing for me. No compromise in our manufacturing process.

Who are the Tripoint Audio customers? 

Anyone who values true live music.

What product or achievement you're most proud of? 

I am most proud of the Troy Elite NG and the Emperor MKII ground cable. Those two products symbolize everything I have worked for in the last twenty years.

What would be your dream, cost no object audio system or project? 

Still working on that dream since every audio component and loudspeaker is flawed in one way or another.

Kindly list the products used in your reference system. 

Cessaro Chopin Signature loudspeaker with internal ground modifications, H-CAT amp, Robert Koda K-10 preamp, Truth preamp, H-CAT phono preamp, Triangle Art Ultimate LE turntable, Triangle Art Apollo MC cartridge, Triangle Art Osiris arm, Tripoint Emperor MKI/MKII ground cables, Tripoint Emperor high current/low current power cables, Tripoint Empress speaker filtration instrument, Tripoint Orion AC conditioner , Tripoint speaker cable, Thales Simplicity interconnects, Tripoint isolation platforms, Shunmook Giant resonators under phono stage.
What does the state of the art mean through the eyes of Miguel Alvarez? 

A world of no compression and pure dynamic lifelike realism.

What kind of music do you like and love? What do you put on at the end of the day? 

It really depends on my mood since I listen to many genres of music. 

Do you think we can come close to the reality and replication of live music? 

That is a hard question to answer as there are things about both reproduced music and live music that are appealing for different reasons. This question is very complex that I could write a book on it. Folks don’t realize the amount of information that they are missing in their current system without Tripoint grounding. Ask my customers.

What is the difference between hi-fi, high-end and ultra high-end audio? 

Don’t know what to tell you. I do not believe that the price determines the final sound. 

High pricing. A must? 

When it comes to Tripoint yes. Material choice determines the degree of purity in the sound. 

Are luxury and high-performance interlinked? 

Yes, cheap materials do not translate to luxury and high performance.

Do you see yourself also as a luxury boutique manufacturer? 

Yes, because our craftsmanship and materials are of top quality. Our craftsmanship is a labor of love and so much care and detail is put into every Tripoint product. 

How do you see the current state of the high-end audio industry? 

Too many dealerships moving big name brands. Their needs to be a place for people to go and receive a higher caliber of demonstrations for the price points that the industry is asking. 

How do you see the future of high-end audio? 

It is up to us to educate the younger generation and to expose them to music and the arts in order for High-end audio to exist in the future. 

What can we expect from Tripoint Audio in the future? 

Stay tuned.

Any last thoughts for our readers? 

Please give Tripoint grounding a chance if you are a real music lover. Maybe your speakers and current components are good enough, but you haven’t been able to hear their full potential. Our extreme grounding solutions deliver sonic realism at a much higher level than DIY solutions, and the rest of the competitor’s product. Do your homework and see if you can listen to one of our products.

The music will speak for itself. Happy Listening.