LINN LP12 turntable

Our friend Joseph Ki Cheong Ming shares a few insights about his iconic LINN LP12 turntable: "When there are lots of new turntables coming into the market, new technologies flourishing alongside the rise in vinyl demands globally, it triggers my curiosity to explore my old faithful LINN LP12 that I am having in my rig."

"Prior to rule it off and face the need to jump in the tide looking for new TT offerings, I wanted to push my LINN and study what else could I do to it. This scenario reminds me of my LS 3/5A affair in late 90s and that push lasts until today, which is 20 years on and 3/5A remains to be a speakers of choice for me.

I was hoping that there is still life worth keeping to my old LP12 (SN36,xxx) one without corner bracing and stock Valhalla power supply, Ittok LV II arm as standard package from LINN; except for the power supply, the need of 45rpm LP collections of mine, I had changed the power supply to one made in HK.

This is not the first attempt in handling the isolation and resonance control of my LP12, however this is the culmination of numerous stages of trial and errors and condensed to the current state.

Here is what I have managed to put together that would surprise many with the good result! Those LP12 owners, do try this."

For more information you can contact  Joseph Ki Cheong Ming directly.