New Allnic 300B amplifier...

Hammertone Audio shares the first insights about the all new and upcoming Allnic 300B amplifier: "About the new Something wicked (good) this way comes. Allnic's Kang Su Park has a new 300B design almost ready to roll out. If what I'm hearing is correct (and this is a bit premature) this amplifier design will be a push-pull 300B and rated around 22wpc.

"Initial indications are that it will likely hit the market between $14K and $15Kusd (but don't quote me on this!) Although it has a model name on the faceplate it really hasn't been named yet. Jac has suggested giving Mr. Park a nod and calling it the KSP-300 (Or the PSK-300 for that market). We'll have to wait.

And the wait is over - It seems Allnic HQ named them before we had a chance to intervene (darn). There are actually two amps - the triode (300B) version is the 32wpc "M-2500 T" while another version is based on the KT-150 pentode and pops out 100wpc - M-250 P"