New Origin Live Agile tonearm

The Agile (£9,750) tonearm comes from an ambitious undertaking: to create a high end tonearm which improves on all that came before it. To achieve this it would have to surpass tough competition from within our own ranks, that of the Enterprise.

To deliver this definitive performance we scrutinised every aspect of design — Design that has been world leading before* and is now. The Agile has undergone lengthy experimentation to achieve the lowest resonance possible, with every component tested, redesigned and revised to bring you an arm that is truly capable of getting the best from your music.

The thing you first notice is a remarkable increase in definition and clarity. Singers are more tangible. Instruments have more texture. There is less overhang in the bass so the midrange becomes even more transparent. We are happy to present another arm to lead the market, and to bring the original sound, that much closer to you.

High Quality Materials

In the same way great singers have better voices, all materials resonate differently and have a “voice” in micro-vibration. There is an argument which says the ideal material is totaly dead, but this oversimplification ignores the fact that to absorb energy, material has to vibrate. The argument also omits to consider that if a material is too soft (like a sponge to take an extreme example) then it will lack rigidity. Conversly if a material is too hard then it reflects energy which is disasterous. Because all these factors conflict with one another it renders correct material choice much more complex than many imagine.