Swiss Audio Exhibition!

A lot of you asked me to post more info and photos about  Swiss Audio Exhibition exclusive event at Element Acoustics, so here we go... "When it comes to "made in Swiss", we can always relate to "Quality" or "Craftsmanship", whether it is a Swiss watch, a Swiss music box, Swiss chocolate, or a Swiss audio system. At the Swiss Audio Exhibition, Element Acoustics showcased a number of Swiss high end brands such as Nagra, darTZeel, CH Precision, Stenheim, and Reuge music box; in appreciation of its fine detail, precision, tradition with innovation, and Swiss craftsmanship."

"A complete Swiss audio system including Stenheim Alumine Five speakers, CH Precision D1, C1, T1, P1, X1, L1 and A1.5, Thales TTT Compact II turntable with Simplicity II tonearm and Benz Micro SHR cartridge, was demonstrated at the event. We had more than 70+ people attended the event in the last two days. Many especially enjoyed the Nordost cable demonstration at the event, while some lucky ones went home with an autographed record from Karin Plato. A complete Swiss audio system wired by Nordost Cables Valhalla 2 cables. Many especially enjoyed the Nordost cable demonstration at the event by Bruno, Canadian representative from Nordost.

You can also see a remarkable music boxes from Reuge, has been making music boxes for over 150 years in the quaint 5000 person village of Sainte-Croix. 

Element Acoustics showcased a collector's Music box - Anastasia in burr walnut with floral inlay and elves Movement Cartel Revolver. One of the 12 ever made in the world. You can also spot a collector's Music box - "Chopin" in burr walnut with Paolo Moschini design. One of the 99 limited edition.