The Wilson Way - The Official History of Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio is pleased to offer The Wilson Way, The Official History of Wilson Audio. This all-encompassing volume covers in detail the company’s origins. It follows the life course of its two founders, Dave Wilson, and Sheryl Lee Jamison. 

It charts their paths to the point where they meet and details the events leading to the founding of Wilson Audio. It explicates their unique partnership, its foundation built upon each of their unique and complementarily diverse talents and skills, and further bound by a loving marriage. The story includes the details of Wilson’s struggles, some of which nearly led to the company’s failure. The narration follows the development of Wilson’s landmark products over the course of over 40 years. It describes the Wilsons efforts to build a team of professionals, and a progression plan that would ensure the longevity of Wilson Audio beyond their active involvement.

The book was written by John Giolas, who has known the Wilsons for 40 years, a time during which he interviewed Dave and Sheryl Lee on dozens of occasions. John has played an active role in its management of Wilson for the past 19 years. The history was motivated by a quest for the salient truths underlying this uniquely American entrepreneurial story.  In that effort, the Wilsons opened up their archives and their corporate vaults to the author. John perused 100s of design drawings, documents, and over 10,000 photographs in an effort to better tell the story. Many of these carefully restored documents and photos are revealed in the book for the first time. The hardcover book is printed using the highest production values and the best materials. The special archival paper renders the photography with clarity and beauty. This heirloom-quality book will last for generations.