Bayz Audio Courante speakers review is coming!

I guess we're used to all kinds of shapes and forms of the high-end audio loudspeakers, but like yours truly, many of you were taken by the surprise with the uniquely shaped and out of the box sounding Bayz Audio Courante speakers from Hungary.

Over a decade in the making with a BRS tweeter (a cylindrical membrane made from a proprietary ultralight material) that eminates the sound by pulsating in the direction of radiation and custom-made lighting fast woofers designed by Frank Nielsen of SB Acoustics were chosen for delivering an unprecedented speed.

Add the carbon fibre (with the proprietary dampening compound) manufactured by András Voloscsuk (a developer of-of Formula 1 monocoque and Redbull Air Race plane's chassis) as the main enclosure material to the story, as well as 30+ years of high-end audio design background and I'm more than sure that this most highly unique two-way passive loudspeakers have caught your attention. 

Bayz Audio debuted their extremely linear Courante with a full 360 degrees sonic expanse last year in the Munich and a lot of people were highly curious about to learn more about these unusual transducers. 

So, in a few weeks time, Zoltán Bay is personally delivering a pair of Courantes. I've had a chance to spend some time this year at the HiFi deluxe with the Bayz Audio's founder Zoltán. It was nice to discover an inspiring passion for high-end audio and to learn more about Bay's vast technical expertise. 

Zoltán Bay is an engineer who strives for perfection, a technical creator who, as a music-lover, also plays the piano. During his career, he has developed numerous technical innovations and special technical solutions, several of which have been patented. His creations include amplifiers, loudspeakers, media players and cables. Apart from his technical successes, he devotes a great deal of attention to appearance and aesthetics, which has been recognized by him being awarded a design quality prize. 

Stay tuned for more quite soon...